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Placenta abruption is separation of the placenta (the organ that nourishes the fetus)
from the site of uterine implantation before delivery of the fetus. Placenta abruption,
including any amount of placental separation prior to delivery, occurs in
about 1 out of 150 deliveries. The severe form, which results in fetal death, occurs
only in about 1 out of 500 to 750 deliveries. Fetal distress appears early in the condition
in about half of all cases. The infants who live have a 40-50% chance of
complications, which range from mild to severe.
Key messages
􀃎 Placental abruption is an important cause of maternal and fetal mortality and
morbidity. Is an obstetric emergency.
􀃎 The review found no trials to show which treatments are best.

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