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Caesarean section is a very common surgical procedure worldwide. There are
many ways of performing a caesarean section, and the techniques used depend on
a number of factors, including the clinical situation and the preference of the operator.
Key messages
􀃎 Rates of caesarean deliveries have increased worldwide in the last decade.
􀃎 Non-closure of the peritoneum diminishes the costs and duration of a caesarean
operation (i.e., reduced operating time and less postoperative stay) in
comparison with closure of the peritoneal layers. It was also associated with
less post-operative fever. However data on more substantive outcomes such
as endometritis or wound infection are inconclusive.
􀃎 Long-term data are needed to assess the possible disadvantages of changing
surgical practice. Multicentre trials of techniques for a caesarean delivery are
in progress.

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