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Are computerised reminders and feedback to support medication management effective?
Audit and feedback - Does providing healthcare professionals with data about their performance improve their practice?
Caps and copayments-What are the impacts of policies regarding direct patient payments for drugs?
Conditional cash transfers-Do conditional cash transfers improve the uptake of health interventions in low and middle-income countries?
Contracting out - Does contracting out services improve access to care in low and middle-income countries?
Distribution - Which interventions increase the proportion of health professionals practising in rural and underserved areas?
Do Computerized Clinical Decision Support Systems have effects on Practitioner Performance and Patient Outcomes?
Do interventions for health care providers improve provider–patient interactions and patient outcomes?
Do interventions to improve communication between health professionals and women improve maternity care?
Do pharmaceutical reference and index pricing policies have effects on drug use, health care utilisation, health outcomes and costs?
Do provider interventions improve quality of health care for ethnic minorities?
Does critical incident audit and feedback improve perinatal and maternal mortality and morbidity?
Does expanding the role of outpatient pharmacists improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes?
Does giving women their own case notes to carry in pregnancy improve maternal care?
Does how primary care physicians are paid impact on their behaviour?
Does interprofessional education improve professional practice and health care outcomes?
Does midwife-led care improve the delivery of care to women during and after pregnancy?
Does paediatric home care improve children health outcomes?
Does prompting physicians improve performance in preventive care?
Does providing general practitioners with costing information change their clinical behaviour and reduce medical costs?
Does specialty board certification improve clinical outcomes?
Educational meetings - Do continuing education meetings and workshops improve professional practice and healthcare outcomes?
Guideline dissemination - Which clinical guideline dissemination strategies improve professional practice?
How often should routine antenatal care for low-risk women be provided and by whom?
Immunization coverage - Do parent reminder and recall systems improve the rates of routine childhood immunisations?
Integration - Does integration of primary healthcare services improve healthcare delivery and outcomes?
Lay health workers - Do lay health workers in primary and community health care improve maternal and child health?
Nurse practitioners - Do nurse practitioners working in primary care provide equivalent care to doctors?
Outpatient referrals - Do educational, organisational or financial interventions improve outpatient referrals from primary to seconday care?
Outreach visits - Do educational outreach visits improve health professional practice and patient outcomes?
Pay for performance - Does pay-for-performance improve the quality of health care?
Preventive services - Do educational, organisational or financial interventions improve the delivery of preventive services in primary care?
Private for-profit sector - Can working with private for-profit providers improve utilization and quality of health services for the poor?
Risk sharing - Does risk sharing mechanisms improve access to health services in low and middle income countries?
Specialist outreach - Do specialist outreach clinics in primary care and rural settings improve care?
Traditional birth attendants - Does training traditional birth attendants improve health behaviours and pregnancy outcomes?
User fees - Does user fees have an impact on the access to health services?
What are the impacts of interventions to reduce patient safety incidents?
What interventions are effective in increasing handwashing among healthcare workers?
Which primary care-based interventions promote breastfeeding?

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