Natalia Espinola


Natalia Espínola has a degree in Economics from the National University of Cuyo (UNC) and a master's degree in Economics from the National University of La Plata (UNLP). Her areas of interest are health economics, microeconomics, income distribution and gender, and tourism economics.

Currently, she works as coordinator of Health Economics in the Department of Health Technology Assessment and Economic Evaluations of the IECS and is a professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UNLP and the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

He has participated in various research projects in health economics for national and international organizations, such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), International Development Research Center (IDRC), Ministry of National Health and provincial health ministries. She has been a coordinator in research projects of economic evaluations of health technologies.