Valentina Stacco

Project Operational Coordinator

Valentina Stacco has a degree and professor in Social Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, with specializations in Management and Direction of Non-Profit Organizations (University of San Andrés) and in Education and New Communication Technologies (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences).

She currently works as an operational project coordinator in the Health Technology Assessment Department of the IECS, where she carries out management and articulation tasks with different areas, implementing processes that strengthen the department's internal communication.

In his professional career, the coordination of programs that aim to generate a positive impact on society stands out. He accompanied the development of productive enterprises in popular neighborhoods, coordinated a project for access to drinking water in communities in the north of the country and was a resident of the public health system, promoting care, education and care from the first level of care in the Villa Soldati neighborhood. She is a university professor and is part of a research group on film production, circulation and distribution in Argentina.