QuEST LAC Network

The QuEST LAC Network is under the direction of the IECS in Argentina and the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Peru. We collaborate with centers in several countries, united by a common objective: translating solid research into evidence that transforms health in our region.

We are the Latin American chapter of the prestigious QuEST Global Network, led by the TH Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University. We work to transform the health system and achieve effective and sustainable improvements in the quality of care through research-backed interventions.

Have Incorporated as affiliated centers to the Network Foundation for Research and Management in Health Services of Ecuador, Colombia High Cost Account and the Ministry of Health of the Province of Mendoza.

Our Pillars

Regional Consolidation

  • Affiliation of centers and formation of strategic committees.
  • Key events to strengthen the network.

Capacity Development

  • We support the training of researchers through academic programs and courses with international experts.

Impactful Research

  •  We are immersed in current and future projects that address relevant challenges for our region.

QuEST LAC Network

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