Development, implementation, and dissemination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to improve access, care and quality of sexual, reproductive and maternal health services for Latin America and The Caribbean

February 2023 - February 2026

    • Projects of the ENG Implementation and Innovation Center
    • Developing

Period: February 2023 – February 2026


  • Lic. Cintia Cejas
  • Dr. Adolfo Rubinstein
  • Santiago Esteban
  • Dr. Analía López
  • Dr. Alejandro López Osornio
  • Gabriela Perrotta
  • Dr. Daniel Rizzato Lede
  • Rosa Pace
  • Lic. Adrián Santoro
  • Lic. Maisa Havela
  • Lic. Sofia Pirsch
  • Leslie Urquiza

Objective: Support the development and dissemination of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that improve access, care and quality of sexual, reproductive and maternal health services, as well as individual and public policy decision-making, through the creation of a Center for Artificial Intelligence and Health for Latin America and the Caribbean (CLIAS).

Abstract: 1) promote research and documentation on the impact of AI on improving access and quality to information and SRH services, through calls for research projects; 2) create a regional community of practice (CoP) composed of networks, institutions and researchers in order to identify the best solutions and implementation strategies for AI solutions applied to sexual, reproductive and maternal health; 3) disseminate and foster the exchange of AI solutions applied to improve sexual, reproductive and maternal health through different information sources and communication channels, and; 4) promote the implementation of public policies based on scalable AI solutions in this field.

funder: IDRC. International Development Research Centre.