Evaluation of the health benefits generated by the interaction between Plan Nacer and Asignación Universal por Hijo (AUH) and Asignación por Embarazo (AxE)

Period: 2012

AUH and AxE impact in beneficiaries´ health


Althabe F, Mazzoni A, Gibbons L, Colaci D.


The National Ministry of Health is executing an investing project in maternal and child health (Proyecto de Inversión en Salud Materno Infantil Provincial). The objective of this program is to reduce maternal and child mobility and mortality. Due to its social success, Plan Nacer is in a privileged position to be articulated with other social policies such as Asignación Universal por Hijo (AUH) and Asignación por Embarazo (AxE).  These policies are articulated because one is conditioned on the other. To become a beneficiary of AUH or AxE, a person has to accomplish some health requirements included in the Plan Nacer scope.  This project explores the synergism between Plan Nacer, AUH and Axe using a qualitative and quantitative approach.


To contribute in the analysis of the association between two social policies.


Ministerio de Salud de la Nación y Banco Mundial

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