Integrated epidemiological, macroeconomic and social impact model for the development of COVID policies for Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica and Mexico

    • Projects 2022, Projects of the ENG Implementation and Innovation Center

Period: September 2022 – December 2022

Work team:

  • Dr. Adolfo Rubinstein
  • Lic. Eduardo Levy Yeyati 
  • Dr. Andrés Pichón Riviere
  • Dr. Alejandro López Osornio
  • Lic. Adrián Santoro 
  • Dr. Federico Augustovski
  • Lic. Federico Fillippini
  • Dr. Ariel Bardach 

Objectives: Expand and update an integrative model focused on preparedness and response to the epidemiological and economic impact of the Health System in Latin America and the Caribbean, to help answer the urgent questions that health policy makers may have about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abstract: This project will update and expand the integrated epidemiological and economic impact model for Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica and Mexico in the LAC region. In addition to the epidemiological and economic framework, and in order to have a broader approach to the effects of the pandemic, we will incorporate a social impact framework with measures such as poverty rate, job destruction and increase in informal work. Gender and socioeconomic levels will also stratify our compartmentalized model by age in order to explore how social and public health measures affected different population subgroups.

Financing: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).