Obstetric emergency drills and checklists as tools to improve the quality of care of women with obstetric emergencies.

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Period: 2011-2014

Obstetric emergency drills aim to improve the quality of maternal health care in order to reduce maternal mortality. This study is being implemented in countries with high maternal mortality rate, such as Ethiopia and India. The strategy aims to train health personnel in emergency care of some of the major causes of maternal mortality: postpartum hemorrhage and eclampsia. This project is part of an initiative of the Maternal Health Task Force (Harvard School of Public Health) and is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Althabe F, Mazzoni A, Gibbons L, Colaci D, Belizán M, Garcia Elorrio E, Garcia Marti S


Primary objective: To assess whether the use of drills and checklists increases the use of effective interventions when treating women suffering postpartum hemorrhage and eclampsia.

Secondary Objectives: To assess whether the proposed intervention:
a) Reduces the incidence of severe maternal complications and maternal death in women with postpartum hemorrhage and eclampsia.
b) Increases the self-confidence of the health professionals.
c) Improves the readiness of hospitals and health centers when facing these complications.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through the Maternal Health Task Force at Harvard School of Public Health.

Study type

Implementation Research