Support in the development of the WHO Guide for Unique Identification in Health. Phase 2

Period: October 2022- June 2023

Work Team:

  • Dr. Daniel Rizzato Lede
  • Dr. Vilma Irazola
  • Dr. Adolfo Rubinstein
  • Dolores Macchiavello
  • Lic. Sofía Pirsch
  • Dr. Natalia Elorriaga
  • Lic. Milagros García Díaz
  • Dr. Carolina Muros Cortés
  • Dr. Laura Gutiérrez

Objective: Develop of a global guideline for person-centered unique identification in health (UID).

Abstract: Unique Health Identification (HUID) is a key element for the efficient and effective delivery of health services and public health management and is therefore important for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The creation of a global roadmap for person-centered HUID will help the World Health Organization (WHO) member states to integrate health programs and services as well as designing systems to exchange and integrate information at local, regional and international levels. This new phase of the project includes a survey of WHO member countries in Latin America to support the development of the guide and the elaboration of its final version.

Funder: WHO (World Health Organization)

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