Support in the development of the WHO Guide for Unique Identification in Health.

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Period: December 2021 - September 2022

Team: Dr. Alejandro López Osornio, Dr. Daniel Rizzato Lede, Lic. Cintia Cejas, Dr. Agustín Ciapponi, and Lic. Daniel Comandé.

Objective: Develop a global guide for people-centered Unique Health Identification.

Summary: The project is developed in two phases. During the first phase, a review of the literature and policies on Unique Health Identification is carried out to understand the existing gaps. Likewise, the status of the WHO Member States in the adoption of these types of policies is reviewed, and it is addressed through interviews with key actors who can provide insights and information. The second phase involves the development of a guidance document that addresses the identified needs and incorporates stakeholder feedback.

Supported by: World Health Organization (WHO).