Technical Assistance for Socialization of the Maturity Assessment Tool in the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Argentina

Period: September – December 2021

Team: Dr. Alejandro López Osornio, Lic. Cintia Cejas, and Lic. Sofía Pirsch.

Objective: Provide technical support for the socialization, filling, and dissemination of results of the tool for measuring the maturity of artificial intelligence applied to health with key actors from the public, private, academic, and civil society sectors of Argentina.

Summary: The project is carried out through different actions and activities. 1) Mapping, validation and expansion of the key actors of the different sectors; 2) technical support in the coordination of the virtual workshop for the launching and presentation of the tool; 3) technical support in monitoring the filling of the tool by the key stakeholders; 4) participation in the virtual workshop to launch the tool; 5) support to RECAINSA’s technical team in monitoring the filling of the tool by the identified key actors, as well as in coordinating the socialization virtual workshop of the results obtained; 6) systematization of the discussions and agreements made in the workshops for both launching and socialization of results.

Supported by: Central American Health Informatics Network (RECAINSA).

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