Support and Operational Management

We are a large team of administrative, IT and accounting staff who work transversally to contribute to the operation, structure and management of the IECS.


We guarantee the internal functioning of the organization at an administrative, accounting and logistical level through resource management.

We consolidate information to comply with the presentation of reports, improvement plans and audits.
We support the different teams in issues related to administrative management,
financial and planning of their projects.

Systems and support

We collaborate in the automation of operational processes, accompanying the growth of IECS.
We provide support to users in the use of new technologies, managing the
IT infrastructure, with the aim of guaranteeing the proper functioning and performance of the equipment.

Communication and marketing

We work on the development of strategies that help position and expand the academic area of ​​the IECS, creating value for internal and external clients, meeting their needs and promoting institutional growth actions.

In order to strengthen the image and presence of the IECS as a leading organization in the field of health, education and research, as well as promote transparency, collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, we develop communication strategies that transmit our values, achievements and challenges in a transparent and authentic way, and we promote them through various communication channels, such as newsletters, social networks, website, press releases, events and other media.

Human Resources

We work to cultivate an environment conducive to the personal development and professional excellence of each individual and we are committed to attracting, retaining and enhancing talent, fostering an inclusive, diverse and continuous learning environment. 

Our job is to build a committed team that, with passion and dedication, contributes to advancing the effectiveness of health care, thus charting a path of excellence and leadership in the healthcare field.

Project Management Office

Our job is to define, standardize and carry out strategic planning and operational processes during the life cycle of projects throughout the organization. We work by establishing and maintaining best practices in Project Management, standardizing processes, promoting communication and exchange between teams, identifying and managing risks, and collaborating to allocate resources effectively. The Project Management Office is committed to continuous improvement, reducing costs and implementing strategies that promote assertive decision making.